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Launching A Website

A client recently asked us what we recommend when launching a website. From an SEO standpoint, we at periscopeUP do a LOT to ensure the search engines are properly indexing a site, including quality control on the site using our SEO checklist, and webdesign checklist, submitting the site, XML sitemaps, webmaster accounts, and redirecting the [...]

Search Engines And A Website Outage

Do SERP Rankings Drop After A Website Outage ? Oh yes, they do. We’ve learned the hard way that if your site gets hit by a virus, the search engines will penalize you. On a few occasions recently, we’ve seen our clients websites hosted by major providers get hit and go down. We notice it [...]

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Free Seminar

Top Ten Mistakes That CEOs and Business Owners Make With Their Websites (And What To Do About It) Even if you struggle with your Blackberry, there are concrete, high-level things that only you as the captain of your ship can do to ensure your website contributes to your top line.  In this 60 minute lecture, given by two industry [...]

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