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  • infographic showing 5 billion monthly searches moved to Bing

How to Optimize Your Website for Bing Search

April 19th, 2024|

If I would have told you five years ago to optimize your website for Bing search, you probably would have scoffed at me. (Maybe you still will.) After all, you “Google it”… You don’t “Bing it,” or “Yahoo it.” But with recent Google algorithm updates, that may be changing for ...

  • vector image of a happy robot floating outside of a word document

Does AI Content Work for SEO?

March 29th, 2024|

AI content is everywhere. That last news article you read? Very well could have been written with AI. (In fact, many news outlets are admitting to this right at the top of their articles.) You might be surprised at how many businesses are using AI in their websites, marketing materials, ...

  • A person's finger pointing at a search bar that says "GET TRAFFIC"

How Long Does It Take for a Blog to Get Traffic?

January 29th, 2024|

Writing a blog for your business may feel daunting, but it can be an enriching task when done right. If managed correctly, growing an audience with a blog can increase brand recognition, sales, and repeat customers. But at what point do the results come in? How long does it take ...

  • illustration of a web page with a crown on top of it, surrounded by different icons representing methods of broadcasting content, like email, websites, messages, and social media, and more

SEO & Content Strategy: How to Use Them Both for Ultimate Success

December 6th, 2023|

SEO and content strategies are two integral pieces of digital marketing. They work okay on their own, but when they intertwine, they ensure that a company's content resonates with the audience and aligns with search engine guidelines.  But exactly how do SEO and content strategy go hand-in-hand, and how can ...

  • vector image of magnifying glass over a local brick-and-mortar business to symbolize the importance of local SEO for small business

Why Local SEO is Important for Small Business

September 19th, 2023|

Looking to try a new restaurant tonight? How will you go about finding one? If you're like most people, you'll probably pull up a search engine and type in something like "best restaurants in Baltimore" or "rooftop restaurants in New York." Then, you might look through various websites and reviews ...

  • woman looking at a business directory listing displayed on a laptop

The Importance and Benefits of Directories for SEO

June 28th, 2023|

In the realm of search engine optimization (SEO), businesses and website owners are constantly looking for effective strategies to improve their online visibility and drive organic traffic. While numerous tactics exist, one valuable yet often overlooked tool is online directories. These platforms serve as virtual gateways that connect users to ...

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