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Our Team

The periscopeUP team is made up of seasoned professionals who consistently deliver unparalleled customer service, creative solutions and quality work in a timely manner. We strive to impress and delight our clients. Our virtual workplace model enables us to work most efficiently and to assemble the best team for each project.

Eric Kronthal

Founder & President

Jacob Evans

Director of Digital & Development

Chelsea Bagley

Senior Account Manager

Paul Mancini

PPC Acct. Manager & Google Analytics Analyst

Rakesh Sharma

Senior SEO Analyst

History & Core Values

Now headquartered in Chevy Chase, periscopeUP was founded in 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland. We are a boutique firm serving clients from a variety of industry verticals. We offer Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search (PPC, display advertising and remarketing), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Audits and Analytics & Reporting.

At periscopeUP, our mission is simple – help organizations succeed by leveraging their online strategy to best support their specific business goals. Our dedicated team brings a mindset that is both strategic and tactical every engagement. We take time to understand each client’s business and goals and work collaboratively to craft a roadmap for success. Our team adheres to the following core values:

Integrity: We build trust through honesty and responsible actions.

Respect: We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism.

Transparency: We ensure that your data and metrics and readily available to help you track progress and make important business decisions.

Results Focus: We aim to delight our clients, and continually strive to meet or exceed their business goals.

Continuous Learning: Our industry continues to evolve at a rapid rate and so do we. Our team values curiosity and continually works to acquire new skills and to stay abreast of industry changes.

Digital Marketing Services

“periscopeUP has some of the smartest guys I know when it comes to getting the full potential out of a website. Their SEO strategies not only provide increased traffic to clients. but do so in a targeted way so SEO provides the best bang for the buck.”
Ben Schmerler

Account Manager, Choice Technologies

Industry Experience

We work with companies from a diverse array of industries and sectors, from startups to nationally recognized brands. See each vertical and case study results below.

Retail & Gifts
Real Estate

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