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Case Studies

Read our growing collection of client case studies by service and industry.

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Industry: Fitness & Lifestyle
Services: Search Engine Optimization


increase in monthly sessions from new users

Gifts from an E-tailer, tied with ribbon for the holidays.

Industry: Retail & Gifts
Services: Paid Search Advertising


increase in ROAS (return on ad spend)

High-end luxury contemporary kitchen

Industry: Construction & Design
Services: Web Maintenance and Development

Reduction in crawl errors to zero and restoration of rankings.

Newly constructed home

Industry: Real Estate
Services: PPC Audit


Reduction in CPL


increase in leads

Elliptical machines and treadmills in a gym

Industry: Wellness

Services: Search Engine Optimization


increase in organic sessions


increase in revenue from organic sessions

Computer code behind an emerging technology

Industry: Technology
Services: Content Marketing


increase in organic sessions

Live event booked through an online entertainment site

Industry: Entertainment
Services: WordPress Maintenance


increase in organic sessions

Gettysburg Foundation website

Industry: Nonprofit
Services: Website Audit

steady, continued gains in organic sessions

Free range chickens

Industry: Food & Agriculture
Services: Search Engine Optimization


increase in monthly organic sessions

Roasted meat sliced and plated with ingredients on a stone table.

Industry: Design
Services: Technical SEO Audit

moved back to page 1 in 2 weeks following loss in rankings

Branding agency and creative team, working on a project

Industry: Agency
Services: Social Media Marketing

8-fold increase in social media followers

Scales of justice in a courtroom

Industry: Legal
Services: Google Analytics Audit

~55% increase in monthly organic sessions

Financial services firm

Industry: Finance
Services: Mobile SEO

~459% increase in mobile sessions from the organic channel

Hands with heart, signifying a nonprofit

Industry: Nonprofit
Services: Google Ad Grants

~136% increase in converted clicks

Tablet with financial planning data

Industry: Finance
Services: Google Analytics Audit

~9% reduction in organic visitor bounce rate

Pet Jack Russell waiting for a walk

Industry: Pets
Services: Content Marketing

2.5-fold increase in monthly organic sessions

Seniors enjoying tea and dominos in a luxury senior living coommunity

Industry: Senior Living
Services: Local SEO

~45% increase in online conversions

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