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Smooth Fitness

Elliptical machines and treadmills in a gym

The Challenge

Smooth Fitness was one of the leading treadmill and elliptical trainer brands on the Internet. During a two-year engagement, periscopeUP worked to increase traffic and boost sales from organic search.

The online space for exercise equipment is very crowded and includes big box stores, manufacturers, higher end specialty sites and companies that sell refurbished gym equipment. Many of the smaller sites, have a regional presence due to name recognition, but are not well optimized to compete nationally or garner impressions for non-branded searches.

The Solution

During the course of our engagement, we implemented SEO best practices with regard to URL structure and addressed crawl errors and broken links. We also put a process in place to continually monitor the site from a technical standpoint.

During our two-year engagement, organic sessions (traffic) increased 66% and revenue from organic sessions was up 31%. Additionally, non-branded organic sessions increased 112% and revenue from organic non-branded sessions was up 182%. These dramatic results helped Smooth Fitness stand out in a very competitive market, and in 2014 the company was acquired by ICON Health and Fitness.

The positive results shown in the graph below demonstrate how implementing SEO best practices can translate into gains in both sessions and revenue from the organic channel.

Increase in lorganic sessions for Smooth Fitness

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