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The Challenge

In late 2018, an ongoing IT client of periscopeUP spun off the enterprise-focused portion of its business. periscopeUP was tasked with launching the website of the newly rebranded company and helping to increase visibility of the new brand. Initially the organization faced challenges common to many early stage IT companies: technology certification delays, intense competition, staffing challenges, production bottlenecks and lack of name recognition with potential customers.

The Solution

Developing a content marketing strategy for an early-stage company generally means starting from the ground floor. We began by developing anonymized case studies based on a handful of success stories with high-profile clients. Next, we worked with the client to identify potential opportunities in specific industries and developed a content calendar to guide the development of application articles for each individual vertical. As part of this process, we conducted detailed keyword research to pinpoint highly relevant long-tail keywords with good search volume and low-to-moderate competition. 

As the company continued to expand its solution offerings and grow its customer base, we worked with the client to write highly relevant articles targeting niche audiences and then place them in online publications dedicated to the company’s target verticals. The sponsored content packages presented a variety of opportunities (from bio links to banner ad links to direct email) to drive targeted traffic back to the client’s expanding website content library. The boost of traffic from high-quality sites to the client’s blog content helped increase the page authority of those articles, in turn helping the articles rank for the targeted keywords. The increased visibility from the improved SERPs resulted in continued gains in organic traffic.

Over a span of 14 months, the website experienced a 26-fold increase in organic sessions as it continued to rank for more terms. Better still, even after the initial period, that original content continues to rank for additional terms and attract relevant visitors to the site. The positive results shown in the graph below illustrate the importance of implementing a carefully conceived content marketing strategy. Having a valuable library of content assets will attract the right audience and help your website rank higher.

Graph showing gains in organic sessions for an emerging technology company as the result of a focused content marketing strategy.

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