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Top Ten Pet Website

Pet Jack Russell waiting for a walk

The Challenge

This top ten pet website is dedicated to educating pet owners about the best ways to keep their pets healthy and happy. In 2014 periscopeUP worked to improve its online visibility.

The online space for content on how to train and care for a pet and understand its behavior is very crowded. There are hundreds of sites producing this type of content, from local trainers and veterinarians to independent bloggers to nationwide pet product manufacturers to animal welfare organizations. During the course of our engagement, we optimized over 5,000 pages of previously published content.

The Solution

During the optimization process, we worked closely with the editorial team to better understand their work style and challenges. The outcome of this collaboration was the development of a on-page optimization process customized for the editorial staff to use moving forward.

The positive results shown in the graph below demonstrate the importance of both the quality and frequency of a content generation plan. A site that produces highly relevant content with good frequency will garner impressions for key terms translating to continued increases in organic sessions.

Top ten pt website expereinces 2.5-fold increase in monthly organic sessions.

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