In this episode, Dan interviews Magdalena Georgieva (@mgieva) of HubSpot as they discuss Lead Nurturing. She literally wrote the book! This book: Introduction To Lead Nurturing.

Maggie has unique insights because until two years ago she was on the HubSpot marketing team. Today she brings her experience as an inbound marketer to the product team at Hubspot that makes the tools.

Listen in as Dan and Maggie discuss:

  • What Is lead nurturing?
  • 2015 trends in lead nurturing
  • Getting predictive with your digital marketing
  • How to set up a good lead nurturing campaign
    1. Setting Goals
    2. Selecting A Persona
    3. Creating Content
    4. Setting Your Timeline
    5. Measuring & Improving
  • We also walk through an example campaign Maggie has set up
  • And as with all interviews in this podcast, Dan asks his guest, “What’s the ONE THING we as marketers should be doing right now?”

At the end of the interview, Maggie asks users to visit the HubSpot Workflows section and send her feedback via Twitter (@mgieva).

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