Person typing on laptop to represent a person creating an outsourced blog postYou don’t have to be a great writer to have a great blog. If your site is a place for literature buffs, then yes, the writing should be awesome. Still, there are only two things that a blog must do no matter what: bring value and be consistent. How does this fit into your decision about outsourcing content creation? Let’s find out.

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Give Them Value

When it comes to content marketing, value trumps quality almost every time. This means you have to figure out deep down what’s important to your audience. Don’t write about what you think they think is important. If needed, do the research. Go to places where they hang out and look for popular posts. Find out what rock stars in your industry are writing/tweeting/posting about.

This doesn’t mean you should copy others, but it gives you an idea about what’s trending. Then find a way to differentiate your message. In other words, be relevant. Don’t have time for this? Then outsource it. This should be part and parcel of any content writer’s skill set.

Be Consistent

The worst thing is when you get hooked on someone’s content, and they suddenly stop posting. This deflates your audience and hurts SEO as well. Most search engines like sites that post fresh, original, and valuable content.

How often should you post? Once a week is a good place to start, however, the key is to keep posting regularly. Too many firms give up early since they don’t see immediate results from their content campaign. You have to stick with it (i.e. years) to build up a sizable audience.

This process can be accelerated by promoting your posts on Facebook or other social media. If you don’t promote you should seriously reconsider. Many experts, like marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk, say that social media advertising is still cheap but will get much more costly. Gary Vee dumps loads of cash into FB and Instagram publicity. Pay to get eyes on valuable content and build your audience. Even though you should still fully optimize every post, going for the pure organic play is exceedingly difficult these days.

Why Outsource Your Blog?

If you’re very picky about how things are written AND you have the time, then you should create your own content. Don’t frustrate yourself trying to work with a writer that will never live up to your standards. Remember, nobody is going to write just like you. In the end you’ll probably save time if you just sit down and write it exactly the way you like. You can also have team members participate in the process, like we do here at periscopeUP.

One alternative is to make a sound recording or be interviewed about your thoughts on a topic. Good content writers can take a 15-30 minute interview and come up with something original that includes your insight. The better content writers out there can take just a keyword or short outline and come up with a full content piece.

Juice Worth The Squeeze?

Today’s digital world is more competitive and complex than ever. Still, the written word continues to have a huge impact on content marketing success. If you bring value and remain consistent (+/- social media ads) you should find the results to be satisfying. Do it yourself or pay someone, but just do it.

What does content marketing do for you? Here are some of the dividends:

  • Brand visibility and authority
  • Inbound traffic attraction
  • Customer retention
  • Drives conversions

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