Performance metrics, represented by bar charts and pie charts. Google is providing new performance metrics for Google Business listings.Google has announced it will provide new performance metrics for Google Business listings. While Google has not been fully forthcoming about what metrics will be provided or when, the announcement states that the updates could fall into one of three categories:

  • Changes to how frequently an already existing metric is calculated (e.g. updating data at the end of each month or at the end of each week).
  • The addition of new metrics to those currently provided in Google Business Insights. At present, Google provides the following data in Insights:
    • Number of Direct and Discovery searches.
    • Search queries.
    • Number of customer views of the business listing on Search and in Maps.
    • Website visits and phone calls directly from the business listing.
    • Number of phone calls by days of the week.
    • Number of photo views by days of the week.
    • Number of owner and customer photos that appear on the business listing compared to competitors.
  • Moving some existing metrics to Performance reporting.

The Google Business Performance reporting is a new feature that Google has been gradually rolling out over the past few months. To access Performance reporting, initiate a branded search for a Google Business listing that you own or manage. As expected, you will see the Business listing panel on the right hand side, but you should also see the new direct edit menu on the left.

Direct edit menu for a Google Business listing.

You can use this direct edit menu to make quick edits to the business listing by clicking on the “Edit profile” button of the “Update business hours” or “Post your COVID-19 update” links. If you click on the “Promote” button, you’ll be directed to a new menu where you choose from Performance, Advertise, Add photos, Add update, Add offer or Add event:

Performance direct edit menu for Google My Business.

If you click on “Performance”, you’ll be able to see how many people interacted with the Google Business listing over up to a 6-month time frame.

Performance reporting for Google Business listings enables you to see how many people interacted with your listing over a 6-month period.According to Google: “More metrics will follow over the next months and will include detailed reports about searches and the number of people who saw the profile.” While we don’t know for sure what data will be provided, additional insights will likely influence decisions around local ads and possibly even around timing and content for posts.

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