Man typing with images and symbols flying up from his typewriter to illustrate a content writer at work.Does it make sense to hire a content writer? Maybe, but first we should decide if content marketing is worth it. Check out these stats:

  • Content-driven Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is 15% less than paid CAC
  • Companies with blogs get 67% more leads than companies without blogs
  • Inbound marketing close rates are 8 – 10x those of outbound efforts

So yes, content marketing is definitely worth it. But should you hire a writer to do it? 

Hiring a content writer ensures that your content gets produced on time. Also, professional writers improve the quality of the content and can maximize the SEO benefit. Additionally, skilled content writers will speak to relevant issues surrounding your brand. Lastly, content writers produce articles that provide continuing value without any additional cost.

Now, let’s dig into the details.

  1. Makes Sure It Gets Done

Having a designated writer makes sure you publish content on a regular basis. If your team is really exceptional, you can ask them to craft and contribute content. Still, busy team members might not stick to a content calendar unless you hound them.

To create truly insightful content, have your writer interview subject matter experts (SME) which is faster than them writing the articles. The writer then packages the interview material into a blog post which can carry the name of the SME.

  1. Quality Assurance

Not everyone is a good or fast writer. For instance, your CEO might be a business genius, but putting together a cohesive, well-written article might not be the CEO’s strength. Readability and quality matter, and a pro-writer can make sure anyone’s thoughts get transmitted clearly.

  1. SEO Benefit

Any content writer up to digital snuff is also an on-page SEO expert. This one-two punch adds another layer to the value of hiring a content writer. Great ideas come first, but proper SEO methods help get those great ideas noticed. 

  1. Keeps It Relevant

Researching industry trends helps make sure your content addresses what your audience cares about. A content writer can check out what the competition is doing, scan forums, follow the news, and lurk around social media. With this information, your unique company perspective can speak to relevant issues facing your industry or customers today.

  1. It Lives Forever

The beauty of content marketing is that is stays alive forever. Plus, once it’s written, there’s zero to minimal maintenance cost. Many brands get a huge chunk of traffic from a minority of their blog posts. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep publishing content. Instead, it means each new post is a potential winner. You can even go back and re-optimize posts to make sure they continue to provide leads.

Hire or Outsource?

For most brands, it makes more sense to outsource content writing tasks. The reason is that it’s probably not a full-time demand. For larger companies with massive content output, an entire content team makes sense. 

Depending on your needs, you can choose between hiring an agency or a freelance writer. It’s important to remember that content writing is only one aspect of a coordinated content marketing strategy. When key components work in tandem, the better the results.   

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