Increase Landing Page Conversion RateA great Hollywood producer was once asked, “How do you develop great story lines and have such great endings in your movies?” His answer was simple. “I start with the ending first. Once we know how we want the movie to end, we then start backfilling the story to get to that ending.”  This method also works to increase landing page conversion rate. Let’s find out how (remember, it’s a secret!). 

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Know Where You Want To Go

Like a movie ending, the main objective is the first consideration when building a landing page. Be focused and specific. What do you want the visitor to do?

  • Download a whitepaper?
  • Sign up for a webinar?
  • Purchase one of my products?
  • Sign up for my email list?

Once you have your goal defined, then begin designing your landing page. Oftentimes conversion experts are not consulted when designing landing pages. Consequently, a landing page may have too many things to look at and choose from which only creates confusion.

Take a look at this real website… Yikes!


Adding your entire main navigation menu does not help your landing page conversion rate. And adding social media chicklets to your landing page is distracting.


Does it make sense to actually ask someone to share something that they are not yet fully on board with yet? Save social media links for your thank you page.

Keep It Simple

The navigation on a landing page demands simplicity. When a visitor has to make choices and decisions on a landing page, conversion rates decline. A converting landing page must offer singleness of thought with only one goal in mind. The page below offers an auto-play video which – through years of testing – has proven to increase conversions.

Yep, I don’t like it either. But it works.



Here is the conversion rate on the above landing page. Close to 7% on PPC in the last several weeks.


Be Unique And Convert

In order to maximize conversion opportunities, a best practice periscopeUP promotes is having unique contact forms on specific product landing pages. While it might be “convenient” to use a templated contact form or plug-in widget – this method is less effective.

As time consuming as it is on the front end, creating a unique product page will generate more leads or sales. Only use fields that you absolutely need. If you can get the same information after contacting your lead, then leave those fields out. Do you really need their address, state, or zip code now?

Your contact form must support the goal of the page. The “offer” must support the goal of the page. The “call to action” must lead your visitor toward completing the goal.


Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

Creating high converting landing pages is not difficult.

  1.       Start with the end in mind.
  2.       Maintain a single focus.
  3.       Keep choices and decisions down to a minimum.
  4.       Use a relevant contact form and call-to-action.
  5.       Measure, test, improve. Repeat.

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