Google introduces automated advertising called IfThenAds.Automated advertising campaigns certainly aren’t new. Google launched Universal App Campaign in 2015 and then rolled out Smart Campaigns last year along with the rebranding from AdWords. Smart Campaigns automates audience targeting and also Ad creation (the advertiser supplies a few images). Smart campaigns are especially attractive to small businesses because they are easy to set-up and require almost no maintenance. Automated or Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Ad campaigns utilize very recent or real-time data to optimize campaign results.

A new campaign automation tool called IfThenAds is now available through Google Ads. The tool is currently being promoted to Google Partner agencies. Unlike Smart Campaigns, IfTheAds enable automation based on some very specific criteria. There are currently four “IfThens” offered in the campaign automation tool offering:

  • Budget – Lifetime and Accelerating budget IfThens enable an advertiser to set recurring monthly budgets or customize the campaign based on desired speed of spend.
  • Broken Page – Ads may be paused (or redirect to another site, like a dev site) if the campaign website unexpectedly goes down.
  • Weather – Ads may be paused or enabled or bids adjusted automatically based on various types of weather: rain, snow, hail, temperature, pressure, humidity, smoke, wind, visibility.
  • Earthquake – Ads may be paused or enabled or bids adjusted automatically based on the seismic activity of the campaign’s geo-location.

Additional “IfThens” currently in development include Local Health and Analytics. To learn more about IfTheAds and register to get started, go to:

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