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The Google Empire made another big step forward recently with the rollout of Google For Jobs. This innovation promises to improve job searching (or candidate-searching) which is great. It’s also a fresh new local marketing opportunity especially for mid-sized businesses in small towns or suburbs. Let’s take a look.

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How Does Google For Jobs Work?

Let’s say a jobseeker looking for a new opportunity searches for “sales jobs Hyattsville”. The results pull up job openings in or around this Maryland community. It’s the career equivalent of the “rich snippet” where answers to your question appear right in the top box of the search engine.

Google for Jobs results

Google isn’t stepping in to challenge CareerBuilder, Monster or any of the major career sites. Rather, Google is making itself the one-stop shop for search by curating content from all of these sites—along with postings on company websites—and delivering them to interested searchers.

Who Benefits?

Residents and businesses in smaller communities stand to gain the most. The job searcher that wants to avoid a long commute has just found a better way of finding employment close to home. It also means local businesses improve their chances of retaining talent.

Still, the impact on the employment search process only scratches the surface of this new feature. Google has uncorked yet another search audience, and they have interests beyond their need to land a job.

If It’s Google, It’s Marketing

Look at the screenshot again. Above and below the Google For Jobs results, you see what you see on any other Google search—a pay-per-click ad at the top and organic search results underneath. As this develops further, we may begin to see local search results too. For example, let’s say the job search is more specific—a search for plumbing jobs may trigger the appearance of several local plumbers, much like a search for “plumbers Hyattsville” does.

google for jobs

What does this mean for the local business beyond the job search process? It means with some creativity, digital marketing and local search campaigns have new opportunities. If you’re a business in Hyattsville and you sell plumbing tools – isn’t it logical that someone searching for “plumbing jobs” will be interested in plumbing tools too? Now you’ve got new online real estate to run a PPC campaign or rank high in organic results.

Make Sure You Look Good

Since competitors have the same opportunity, it’s imperative to make sure your local search efforts are up to snuff. Take action to be listed in all the appropriate directories and verify your data accuracy.

If you haven’t personally entered in your company’s directory info, get the correct access information from the person who did. Few things will drain your time more than fixing error filled directories—but it costs much more in terms of search results if you leave inaccurate information in place.

Former Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, famously said, “All politics is local.” Here an old-fashioned Irish politician gives us some SEO wisdom. The Google For Jobs rollout is just one more step in making all search local.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Google Jobs

To help your jobs get a prominent place in Google search results, follow these steps:

  • Ensure your job page may be crawled by Google (i.e. is not blocked in your robots.txt file).
  • Add job posting structured data to your job page.
  • Ensure your jo page is included in the most recently submitted sitemap.

In order to reach the most relevant audience, consider where your ideal candidate is likely to see the posting. Sharing a job description on a relevant social media platform (e.g. a targeted LinkedIn group) or using a hashtag with the the location may be helpful. Depending on the job, you may consider promoting it through the job board of a local college or university. And, of course, be sure to list the job on your website’s career or employment page. In order to help your website show up in Google search results, follow the steps outlined above.

Google For Jobs curates content from a number of large job sites, such as CareerBuilder, Monster, LinkedIn and Care.com. At this time, Google For Jobs does not pull data from Indeed. Just use the filter to select the type of job you’re looking for, location, seniority level and your qualifications. You can save the filter and also set-up to be alerted for new postings that meet your criteria.

Google For Jobs lists full-time, part-time, temporary and internship positions throughout the world in a wide variety of fields.

Google For Jobs is integrated with many sites, and this can make your job search more efficient.  Once you set-up a filter for the type of job your looking for and your qualifications, set-up an alert so you’ll be notified of new opportunities as soon as they become available. After you review an interesting job description, check the average salary and company information sections – Google For Jobs is partnered with Glassdoor and LinkedIn, and having this extra information in once place will save you time.

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