Woman shops with her mobile phone. Google's Ads is incorporating its Shoppable Ads into Google Images search results for increased traffic and lower cpc.

Realizing that visual content sells, Google Ads is incorporating its Shoppable Ads into Google Images search results. This a familiar concept to consumers who frequent Pinterest or Instagram or Houzz – various products in the ad will be “tagged” so that the brand and price will be displayed when a user hovers over the image. Daniel Alegre, Google’s President of Retail Shopping & Payments, indicated that the new ad format is an effort to provide more touchpoints for consumers, stating: “No [consumer] journey is exactly alike. With so many choices and awareness, awareness is about being there when the consumer is looking for you.”

Getting Your Ads Into Google Images

So how do you get your Google Ads to show up in Google images? You actually don’t have to do anything…The images section of Google search was previously part of the Search Partner Network, but now it is part of Google’s own Search Network. This means that shopping ads will now start to appear automatically in Google Images without any adjustments to campaign settings. In a recent email sent out to advertisers, Google estimated that ads appearing in Google Images may see a “…3-10% increase in traffic at a lower cost-per-click and comparable conversion rates”.

Understanding Your Analytics

As Google images moves out of the Search Partner Network, you may notice a reduction in shopping campaign traffic from this network long with an increase in traffic from Search Network. It will be important to monitor how the traffic is being attributed, but of course, the bottom line is conversions. If you start to see conversions decline, take a hard look at the quality of your images. On Google Ads, now more than ever, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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