Illustration of local search. Google is testing showing Google Business Posts in search results.

When Google announced the phasing out of Google+ listings, we recommended ensuring that your company’s Google Business listing was fully optimized and utilizing the “create a post” feature to share news or events. In early 2018, we started noticing event listings from various sites being promoted in Google Business listings.

Example of an event listing in a Google Business Listing.

We’ve continued to advocate the importance of consistently posting to the Google Business listing, both as a means of sharing information and also as a way to claim more eye-catching real estate on the page. Across all industries, we’ve noticed a correlation between the completeness of a client’s Google Business listing and the number of actions (website visits, phone calls and direction requests).

Now, Claire Carlile has reported in Bright Local that Google is testing showing Google Business posts in a category called “related to your search”. Claire’s example is shown below:

Example of Google Business post showing under "related to your search".

A client recently asked us how long we thought it would be before Google started charging for Google Business posts. While it’s very likely that Google will monetize all or some aspect of Google Business posts in the future, right now it’s still free. So whether your Google Business posts are fortunate enough to show up for relevant search queries or are just driving a few more eyeballs to your website based on the prominence of your listing, one thing is clear – keep posting!

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