Google Ads logo. AdWords is being rebranded as Google AdsSince launching AdWords nearly two decades ago with just 350 advertisers, a lot has changed. In 2000, online searches were conducted exclusively on desktop, and now those searches are more likely to occur on a mobile device. In addition, today’s online users are more agile – jumping effortlessly from watching videos to making online transactions, posting to social media, searching for products, playing games and browsing content.

In light of these changes, Google is rebranding AdWords (which based on its name gives a connotation of text ads) as Google Ads with the hope that the new Ads platform will better reflect the range of advertising solutions that are available to reach consumers across different platforms and with a variety of ad formats.

As part of the rebranding effort, Doubleclick for Publishers and Doubleclick Ad Exchange will be combined into a new platform called Google Ad Manager, and DoubleClick advertiser products and Google Analytics 360 Suite will be incorporated as the Google Marketing Platform.

Google has suggested that the rebranded Google Ads platform will be more intuitive to use, but it remains to be seen exactly to what extent it will differ from AdWords. Although Google’s announcement mentioned that the platform will be more intuitive, it’s safe to assume that small businesses will still benefit from having an experienced digital marketing agency set-up and manage their advertising campaigns.

Here are three main takeaways from Google’s announcement:

  • Machine Learning – the incorporation of machine learning into the offerings will enable advertisers to test different combinations of search ad headlines and descriptions.
  • Goal-Oriented Campaigns – new goals will be available such as “New Customers” and “Store Visits” to help marketers better customize campaigns.
  • Analytics Integration – instead of having to look in multiple platforms to see analytics and campaign content, this information will be combined (under the Google Marketing Platform) into a single product called Display & Video 360.

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