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If you master the art of SEO outreach and link-building, you can put your website ahead of the competition. Obtaining a link from another high-quality website tells Google that your site is also high-quality. This helps you rank higher in search. But before mastering link-building, you have to master the art of pitching.

Getting editors, journalists, bloggers and social media influencers to publish content or a link from your website requires diligence and a structured approach. Let’s look at some tactics that can take your pitch from good to irresistible.

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Define Your Offer

Before you even send the pitch, define what you’re “selling” to the influencer. Is it a content piece? Are you selling news you think they might want to share? When you determine your offer, create an emotional connection and/or solve a problem. In marketing, there are lots of ways to offer them a solution to their problem. Think beyond what you want (a link), and define how you can provide something they need.

Make It Seasonal Or Trendy

Failing to tie your website’s needs to a seasonal or trending topic when pitching an influencer is a missed opportunity. Editors and bloggers love seasonal and trending content because it can mean a surefire audience “click and read”. Here are some examples:

Seasonal Pitch: Say your company offers worldwide sea kayaking adventures, and you’re launching a new trip to Baja in January. Pitch a travel blogger the idea of warm weather adventure vacations that people can take during the frigid winter.

Trend Pitch: Maybe your company offers language immersion programs in other countries, and you’ve noticed an increase in interest in Portuguese language programs in the last 6 months. Pitch that trend to an editor or influencer who’s likely to talk about topics like this.

Quick Tip: If you are sending a pitch about seasonal content, send it early to give influencers time to develop the story.

Use Relevant Examples Of Work

This is something often overlooked by outreach folks, but it can make the recipient eager to act. Provide examples of work relevant to what you are pitching. Is it a guest blog post? Give your recipient a few examples of other guest-written articles. Pitching a trend? Provide that person trend evidence or examples of similar trendy content that you’ve created. 

Sizzling Subject Lines

Chances are, your influencer is inundated with emails. So your email subject line must compel them to click. When considering a subject line, research shows that the highest click through rates go to catchy subject lines that are informative, descriptive, and evoke curiosity, as well as explaining the contents of the email. Some examples:

Good Subject Line:

“Top 10 Trends In Adventure Travel For 2017”

Bad Subject Line

“Vacation Packages For This Year”

Keep It Short And Sweet

Because influencers may be busy or distracted, it’s critical that you keep your pitch short, sweet and to the point. Here is a good example:



[First Name],

[Website]  name would like to contribute an article about [topic and why it’s relevant]. Here are some examples of our work [samples of guest content]. We would love to have an opportunity to work with you. Please let us know if you have any questions.

[Your Name]

Other Quick Pointers

  • Attention to detail is important. Double-check your spelling including the recipient’s name.
  • Follow-up, but don’t pester anyone if you don’t get a response. One follow-up per pitch is a good rule of thumb. Wait 2-3 weeks after you sent the first pitch.
  • Include a compliment, but don’t be gushy. If you read a journalist’s’ recent article in the New York Times, you can briefly mention that you liked it. But don’t over do it.

Bringing SEO Outreach Home

A good pitch can translate into a high-quality links pointing to your website which in turn improves your rankings. Make sure you are “pitch perfect” to get links, build relationships, and boost SEO outreach. Then watch your rankings climb higher!

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