In this episode Dan interviews Jeremy Epstein, VP of Marketing at Sprinklr, the biggest and most complete social marketing platform in the market today. Jeremy shares his knowledge of how he and some of the world’s leading brands use social media to drive sales.

In this interview we dig into Jeremy’s four keys to social media success: listening, content, distribution, and analysis. He uses examples such as how the RNC used social media to take back the Senate.

His advice includes how you can reach beyond your social network, adapting your message to different channels & audiences, how to amplify your reach, why you should take risks to increase sharing, and what you should pay to promote.

He also gets into the trends in social media he sees coming in 2015, and his “one thing” we must do as digital marketers.

If you run a social media program and want to use it to improve your company’s sales performance, listen to this guy. He’s the best there is.

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