Illustration depicting Domain Authority, or DA, a website metric by Moz. Domain Authority is a predictor of how well a website will rank in search.Moz has announced the development of Domain Authority 2.0, to be introduced in March 2019. Originally introduced around a decade ago by Moz, Domain Authority (DA) has become one of the most important metrics for SEO practitioners. Based on a 100-point scale (with 100 being the best), Domain Authority is a predictor of how well a website will rank in search. It is useful both directionally and comparatively for benchmarking a site’s performance against competitors as well as tracking individual site progress.

Upgraded from a linear model to a more complex machine-learning model, Moz asserts that DA 2.0 will provide a more accurate idea of a site’s ranking potential. The new model utilizes Moz’s Spam Score and other proprietary tools and can purportedly detect link manipulation. It’s important to note that Domain Authority predicts ability to rank based on Moz’s interpretation of site engine ranking signals – it is not produced or even endorsed by Google or Bing or any other search engine.

Since DA 2.0 is a new model, some websites will likely notice an increase in Domain Authority after the rollout, and others will notice a reduction. Remember that DA is a relative metric. Instead of getting caught up in the actual number, look at your site’s new DA in relationship to your industry and your direct competitors. Some ranking factors, like age of site, are difficult or impossible to influence, but there are plenty of strategies that you can leverage to gradually improve your site’s DA. For continued gains in Domain Authority, our advice is the same as before: keep your site technically healthy, build quality links and create relevant content.

There are numerous factors that impact and influence your site’s ability to rank. In order to boost visits and conversions, we believe that a site should be optimized for people first and search engines second. For assistance with your site’s rankings, call 443.475.0787 or contact us today!



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