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Is Google Making Us Pay For Branded Traffic?

We’ve seen a few changes lately with Google Shopping ads that may compel a website to have to pay to regain lost traffic on brand searches. Here are two recent brand searches for the website, sells products through distributors who are bidding on their brand terms, but Google has recently […]
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An Effective Process To Rank For Local Search

Overview There are several factors that influence local SERP including the proximity of a business to the “centroid” (Google’s center pin location for a specific town or city), on-page optimization, and off-page factors such as citations, reviews, social efforts and behavioral cues such as click-through rates. Of these off-page factors, the current general consensus among local search experts is that structured citations, reviews and social efforts are growing in importance to local SERPs. The […]

Google Analytics Introduces Acquisition, Behaviour, Conversions

How To Tell A Story With Data Last week, Google Analytics revealed a pretty substantial upgrade, not just a facelift, because this change is more than cosmetic. It’s truly a deep-down shift in the way we marketers need to think about analytics going forward. In this post, I will review the changes, why I think they were made (not that Google consulted me on this…unfortunately), and whether this is an evolution or just a shake-up for […]
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  • increase in not provided terms in google analytics
    How We’re Responding To “Not Provided” Keywords In Google Analytics How We’re Responding To “Not Provided” Keywords In Google Analytics

    How We’re Responding To “Not Provided” Keywords In Google Analytics

How We’re Responding To “Not Provided” Keywords In Google Analytics

Google Analytics is now hiding keyword data. Source: Danny Sullivan. Regarding the “not provided” keyword trend, sometimes a picture says it all. Eventually nearly 100% of all keywords will not be disclosed in Google Analytics. This is by design. Many in the SEO community believe this has nothing to do with Google’s response to the NSA’s tracking. Google has been moving in this direction for well over a year. If you’re Google, […]
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SEO Guidelines For Obtaining Reviews on Google+ Business Listings

This article does not address reputation management or responding to negative reviews. Reviews on Google+ Business Listings (formerly Google Places) are one of many factors that help push local businesses higher in pin map listings. Google has been known to import reviews from third party review sites, and obtaining reviews on these sites can sometimes help boost rankings as well. Make Sure You Have Validated Your Google+ Business Listing If you have not yet created […]