Guy Kawasaki wrote a good article on Always On, explaining how to use Twitter as a tool to grow your business. I like his approach for a few reasons.

  1. He targets the masses, not the influentials. As people with high page ranks come to realize their outbound links have become something people will pay for, link building is becoming a market rather than the free exchange it was in Web 1.0. Guy tells you how he gets followers, and Twitter can work to get attention for un-famous people too.
  2. Twitter allows you to reach huge numbers of people who are willing to help you in exchange for your help, rather than for money. Maybe this is because of the kind of people on Twitter, or maybe it’s because Twitter is new.
  3. You can search Twitter and see what people are saying about you so you can respond. It’s more centralized than trying to track and reply to comments on the entire blogosphere.
  4. He gives examples of how you can use old fashioned marketing techniques like discounts or incentives.
  5. He tells you how to make it easy to spread your tweats with tools like Twitterfeed. I use this and a similar tool on this blog called Tweet This, which allows you to tweet my Word Press posts. Try it below.
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