This is very cool example of how you can use business to advance the causes you believe in.

Two months ago, periscopeUP helped out Alex Griffith, an Eagle Scout with his website. The website details his Scout project and quest to bring a playground to the orphanage where he was born, in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Today’s the day. Alex and his entourage are leaving for Krasnoyarsk, to install their playground.

Our contribution was small, but very much appreciated. We met Dwight Griffith, Alex’s father, at a networking meeting. Dwight is a builder and his story was so compelling (and website in such need of help), that we offered to set up a Word Press blog so they could update the world on their progress. Mary from Candidus Marketing has been helping out with press as well, and we’re proud to see Alex off.

Best of luck Dwight and Alex. Hopefully you’ll run into President Obama while there!

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