Here’s a good example of how small, niche sites can profit from Optimizing for Search and People.

One of our clients, FMI, has a very unique product offering: medical silicone. They make ultra clean silicone molding for medical implantable devices like pacemakers. Their engineers can coat the smallest of micro parts with sterile silicone rubber. Amazing work, for a very small market of high end medical device manufacturers.

While the search volume for their terms isn’t high, our research uncovered several terms that people use when searching for their products. The niche nature of these terms, and the strength of their site’s content means they are seeing a higher than average conversion rate.

After our keyword research, we completed the on page optimization. In addition to all the standard SEO best practices:

  • We made page names (and links) into the terms people searched for.
  • We rewrote their content to use keywords people were searching on rather than terms they used to describe themselves,
  • We improved the layout and readability of each of the pages with exciting, relevant headers
  • We brought to the front of each page the benefit of working with this company, rather than the features of what this company does.
  • We put a strong call to action on each page.

After resubmitting the site to the search engines, and before we’ve even begun our link building in earnest, they’re in position one on Google for “medical silicone molding.” Other strong terms, right out of the box, include “medical silicone” (position 9), “silicone molding” (position 12), and “silicone medical” (position 20).

Now, it’s on to link building and watching their SERP’s and leads increase!

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