Hand holding a mobile phone with multiple apps on the screen representing mobile marketingThe trend toward using mobile devices online has been on the rise for several years now and shows no signs of slowing down. People are getting more comfortable, not just browsing websites online, but doing business on their phones. Studies show that over 60 million people a year now execute mobile payments. So if you’re a business owner, how do you maximize your chances of getting in on the traffic and potential conversions? Here are five mobile marketing tips.

Responsive Design

Some website themes are responsive, in that they automatically fit to the size of the screen the user is on. If your website is not responsive to mobile devices, then fixing this needs to be your first priority.

There’s more to responsive design than just the website though. Do you have an email newsletter? You need to be sure this content is responsive in that it renders properly on mobile devices. The same goes for any graphics that are added to your website after the launch.

Use Google My Business

Like a lot of good mobile marketing tactics, using Google My Business (GMB) is just good marketing, period. But it’s particularly helpful on the mobile front. When your GMB profile is updated with the correct address and contact information, it’s easier for Google’s search crawlers to pick up your information and show it to someone looking for your services on their phone.

Search crawlers do a great job at finding relevant websites in any case, but the thorough use of GMB—including photos and content posting—helps the crawlers find you a little easier. A typical local business gets nearly 60 website visitors a month just through Google My Business (a figure that doesn’t include the organic traffic Google is already sending you), so it’s worth your time to keep this profile updated.

Develop Mobile-Friendly Keywords

People search differently on mobile devices than they do with their desktop or tablet. Specifically, the mobile user is more likely to use voice search and that means the keywords they’re likely to use will change.

We all talk differently than we type. In verbal communication, it’s easier to use more words and to get more specific. That means long-tail keywords are more likely to be in play. Whereas a typed search might simply ask “hardware store near me”, a voice searcher might inquire “Where’s the closest place I can buy a Phillips screwdriver?”

So how do you figure out how to optimize for voice search when everyone speaks a little bit differently? We’d suggest a two-pronged approach. The first is to use a tool called Answer The Public. It collects data on phrases that are most commonly used in relation to basic terms. To use our example above, our hardware store might just enter “Phillips screwdriver” and see what long-tail phrases are being used.

The second approach is more down to earth. You and your staff should just think about the kinds of scenarios where people might be looking for your services when they’re on the go. Put yourself in the shoes of the searcher and think about how you would ask your phone for advice if the roles were reversed.

You might then consider developing a Q&A page or new blog posts based on what you come up with from both prongs of research. A complete answer to a question is more likely to have the long-tail keyword a searcher uses.

Use Text Message Promotions

You may know all too well how hard it is sometimes to get people to open a newsletter or any other type of promotion. But for some reason, those problems don’t exist with text message marketing. The open rates on a text promotion are close to 100 percent!

Before you skeptically think that this is only because people just see their texts automatically (unlike email), studies also show that people actually don’t mind getting text promotions. In fact, 75 percent of people are fine with getting text advertisements from companies they’ve given their number to and they read those ads almost immediately. So build up your list of cell numbers and reach out!

Start A Podcast

This is a good marketing idea for any time, but it has special relevance to mobile. Over three-quarters of podcast listeners consume the content while they are on the move. So if you’ve thought about starting up a podcast, know that this is a great way to keep connected with your prospects while they’re out and about. You can also tailor your promotions on the podcast to actions that can easily be taken by someone on their phone.

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