Time for some shameless self promotion with proof that SEO really works!

Increasing Website Traffic by 435.94%

After just three months (one spent optimizing the site, and two spent building quality links), our client FMI has seen a 435.94% increase in their website traffic.

Increasing Website Traffic By 435.94%

Increasing Website Traffic By 435.94%

What caused the dramatic increase in website traffic?

  • Listings in the First Position: 9
  • Listings in the Top 5 Positions: 24
  • Listings in the Top 10 Positions: 31
  • Listings in the Top 20 Positions: 40
  • Listings in the Top 30 Positions: 43

Here are some sample search terms where FMI is now ranked 0n the first page:

SEO really does work to increase your website traffic and leads. Give us a call to find out how we can get you high on Google.

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