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Apart from boosting the user experience of your product pages, it’s extremely important to optimize your product pages as well.  Effective SEO product page strategy bolsters your search ranking and ultimately increases conversions.

In this post, we’ll look at the basics of product page SEO, what you should do and what not to do in order to rank higher.

Meta Tags Come First

Product page SEO focuses more on the title tag and Meta description because these are the first points of contact with a potential customer.  The product title and Meta description should be clear and precise so that users grab an idea about what your product or store is all about.

The Do’s

Here are the basics of product page SEO:

  • Add a catchy title, emphasizing the product name, including the manufacturer or SKU if applicable.
  • Use long tail keywords for the product description to rank higher for non-competitive keywords.
  • Create unique content in order to avoid duplicate content that results from manufacturer descriptions.
  • Use appealing meta description for your product pages. Meta descriptions should be unique, inviting and precise.
  • Use a proper ALT description for images by ensuring the product name is included in the main product image.
  • Use links within your product page to connect to other important pages of your website.
  • Use schema.org to obtain rich snippets for your products. This markup identifies product pages and product characteristics which helps search engines index the pages a lot better. Adding product elements like the price, availability and product reviews can greatly enhance visibility.  

The Don’ts

Don’t remove seasonal pages – Just because the product isn’t popular anymore does not mean you should remove it. Avoid creating and removing seasonal pages as this impacts negatively on your search engine rankings.

Avoid duplicate content – Create your own unique descriptions to avoid being penalized by Google for duplicate content.

Don’t put much emphasis on keyword density – Focus more on adding keywords that make sense within the content rather than emphasizing keyword density.  To avoid Google penalties, do not include the same keyword more than three times.

Get Up There!

These product page SEO basics discussed here help you stay one step ahead of the competition by boosting product search engine visibility.

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