Measuring the effectiveness of content marketing can be difficult. Isolating factors of success isn’t always possible, but here’s a case where we can attribute a significant amount of inbound phone leads to our blogging work.

First, some background:

  • This client has asked that we don’t share their name, but we can tell you they are a law firm that does business locally here in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • We began blogging for them in December of 2013.
  • Our content strategy was to identify topics based on what their prospects wanted most to know about their practice area, and to identify keywords that people were searching on.
  • Posts were highly informative, unique to their business and geographic footprint, and generally about 500-1000 words long, although one was an in-depth “everything you wanted to know about…” 2,000 word article.
  • Each post was pushed out to Google+
  • Each post had a call to action at the bottom asking the reader to call for a free consultation.

Here’s the traffic growth from our efforts:

We saw a significant increase in traffic and page views from the blogging efforts, but how did we know that this translated into phone calls? Well, we got lucky.

The client had a tracking phone number installed on the entire site and they changed it without letting us know. We never removed or updated the old tracking number from the blog pages, which continued to get 79 calls in April and 78 calls in March.


There you have it. An instance where we know blogging worked to drive leads.

Want to learn more about our blogging service and how we can drive leads and sales? Check out our content marketing service or call us at (443) 475-0787 (and yes, that’s a tracking number).

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