Image of woman doing a voice search to illustrate the importance of voice search SEO strategy.In 2017, SEO experts started taking voice search much more seriously. Increasingly, people who find it too mundane (or are too busy) to type and search, find it much easier to speak it to their phone. Now, as per recent reports, Google gets around one-fifth of its mobile queries by Voice Search. This statistic fully reveals how important voice has become the modern times. 

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Voice Search Strategies

In order to rank in voice search results, websites still need optimization. Remember, people are relying more on voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Apple’s Siri to search for them. Consider these observations and strategies:

  1. High-ranking websites rank high in Voice Search: If a website ranks in the top three for SERPs now, then chances are that it will rank high in voice search too. This could be because Google trusts the site and has already tested or crawled through it and found the content to be relevant. So make sure your site is technically solid and rank friendly.
  2. Long-tailed keywords: Keywords have come a long way from being just a set of words appearing in the content in a natural way. Eventually people started using long-tailed keywords in their queries too. Google understands this and allows users to put in all the details when searching. Likewise, with voice search, people use long-tailed keywords and even have entire questions as their query. Consider the questions that pertain to your brand when optimizing.
  3. Longer content gets high prominence in Voice Searches: Another takeaway from current data proves that if your content is over 1000 words long, it has a higher chance of being featured in the voice result.

Implement these strategies and optimize your website for voice search results.

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