Social Media That Generates Revenue

Don’t Just “Gain Followers” – Use Social Media Marketing to increase traffic, leads & sales.

Customized For Your Business Goals

It’s not simply about posting on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube. You need to know which social media channel will give you the most juice for your squeeze. Then as your audience grows, we get your message in front of the right people at the right time, drawing them back to your offers, conversion pages, and contact information.

You’re The Boss

You will have the opportunity to approve all posts and tweets before they’re scheduled to go live. We never do anything without your approval, so you can ensure quality and control of your message.

  • Know which social media best meets your needs
  • Track and watch followers become customers
  • Drive your audience to your site
  • Optimize to improve search rankings
  • Utilize and test emerging tools & social advertising
  • Contests, storytelling, light humor, inspiring quotes, exclusive offers
  • Setup accounts with stunning designs
  • Optimize channels and activities for search
  • Convert visits into sales & leads
  • Profile target audience
  • Optimize follow/unfollow strategy
  • Build influence
  • Post regularly, including industry thought leadership
  • Promote your products & services
  • Participate in conversations
  • Tap into influencers’ networks
  • Really utilize Google+
  • Listen for brand mentions
  • Examine and improve the quality of social media traffic to your site

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