Local Search Case Study —
Senior Living Community Websites

periscopeUP was hired in 2015 to help a group of high-end, regional senior living communities improve their local search presence and boost traffic from organic search.

The online space for senior living communities in this particular geographic area is highly competitive, an issue that is exacerbated by the fact that consumers search for these types of communities using a variety of terms ranging from independent living to retirement community, assisted living, supportive care, continuing care or nursing home.

As a first step, we performed a thorough audit of the social media accounts and directory listings for each community. We updated all listings for consistency and accuracy and created additional listings across both local business and industry-specific sites.

In late 2016, the senior living communities began to consistently host a number of local special-interest events ranging from educational seminars and classes to workshops and purely social gatherings. We identified and pursued targeted, local online opportunities to promote these hyper-local events.

The positive results shown in the table and chart below for one of the communities demonstrates the importance of the quality and accuracy of local citations. A site that maintains well-optimized local citations and finds opportunities to leverage hyper-local events with good frequency will secure local pin map rankings for key terms translating to continued increases in organic sessions.

 KeywordGoogle Local Pin Map Ranking (January 2017)Google Local Pin Map Ranking (February 2018)
Independent LivingNot ranked#1
Senior CareNot ranked#2
Retirement Homes#2#2
Memory Care#3#2

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Local SEO

Local Search Optimization or local SEO marketing consists of optimizing and amplifying your online local presence in order to increase your visibility for location-based search.

Although only Google knows for sure which factors are most important for local search ranking and the relative weight of each factor, many practitioners make educated guesses. Each year, Moz publishes a Local Search Ranking Factor report based on detailed survey feedback from SEO practitioners on what factors they are seeing play roles of greatest and least importance. Factors include accuracy, consistency and volume of citations, proximity/location, reviews, inbound links, social signals, engagement (e.g. click-though), among others.

There are several factors that influence how well your website ranks in local search. Some, such as geographic location, may not be possible to influence, but there are many local search ranking factors that you can and should optimize for. Here’s a summary of our process to rank for local search:

  • Ensure your Google My Business / Maps listing is accurate and complete.
  • Ensure your company’s structured citations are accurate and consistent and appear on the major high authority general business directory sites, social media platforms, industry-specific and regional directory sites, and are also submitted to the major data aggregators.
  • Work on increasing the number of quality inbound links from relevant sites.
  • Improve your social and behavioral signals (engagement from social media platforms, click-through rate, mobile clicks, etc.)
  • Obtain quality reviews.