Google Analytics Audit Case Study – Financial Services Website

In mid-2016, periscopeUP conducted a Google Analytics audit for a nationwide financial services firm. The client was concerned about the difference in the number of leads measured by their internal system and the number reported by Google Analytics.

In our experience most Google Analytics implementations experience data accuracy challenges at some point. As part of the audit, we checked the tracking code was added correctly and in the right location on all pages, verified that filters were set-up properly and examined site structure and goal flow. The audit revealed that the same submission form was being used on two separate landing pages. While the landing pages were both for the same service line, it was important to the client to track the submissions from each page individually. Unfortunately, based on the goal set-up, submissions were being counted from both pages, resulting in double counting. The distortion of data collection caused the client to believe the landing pages were performing significantly better than they were. To address this issue, we created unique Thank You pages for both versions of the submission form and adjusted the goals accordingly. We also set-up goal funnels in order to better understand where user drop-off was occurring.

With accurate data, the client was able to make better business decisions about the landing pages. We worked with the client to adjust the on-page copy, which lowered the bounce rate and streamlined the submission form process, which resulted in higher conversion rates. In just six months, the form conversion rate for organic visitors increased by ~1% and the organic visitor bounce rate for this page was reduced by ~9%.

The positive results shown in the graph below illustrate how a Google Analytics audit can improve confidence in making business decisions based on data and ultimately translate to improvements in site performance.

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