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Do Basic Things Well

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Search Engine Optimization Case Study — Top Ten Pet Website

As they are dedicated to educating pet owners about the best ways to keep their pets healthy and happy, this site ranks as one of the top ten most visited pet-website. In 2014 periscopeUP optimized over 5,000 pages of previously published content and created an on-page optimization process for the editorial staff to use moving forward.

The positive results shown in the graph below demonstrate that continued focus on page-level optimization will continue to increase your organic sessions and SERP’s. Read more about periscopeUP’s efforts on this project here.


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We see it all the time: web developers pushing the task of writing content to their client. Clients think they can save money by doing content themselves. Bad idea, from both sides. Convincing prospects to click, call, download or buy requires specialized skills: sales copy, writing for the web, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

But It’s not enough to have great content if your prospects don’t read it. Combine great content with our SEO outreach efforts, and you have the perfect one-two punch. We research where your prospects spend time online (forums, industry blogs, social media influencers, etc.) and put your content in front of their eyes – drawing more qualified users to your site. Google pays attention so the effect is powerful: more visitors, higher rankings, more leads and sales.

Every single element improves your chances of getting the results that you desire. In a nutshell, your site becomes a 24/7 sales person that informs, engages, and entertains your audience.