SEO Audit: Is Your Site A Target Search Engines Can’t Miss?

Your Site Should Be A Superstar. What’s Stopping It?

An SEO audit determines if your current technical and on-page website configuration makes you more – or less – visible to the search engines.

  • Evaluate your site’s setup from Google, Bing and Yahoo!’s perspective
  • Detect problems that hinder marketing efforts
  • Find reasons why search engines might not see your pages
  • Uncover ways to increase your website’s rank on Google, Yahoo! and Bing

Perform a full SEO Audit and discover where you can supercharge your website marketing results.

Technical Search Engine Optimization Case Study — Leading Nationwide Poultry Producer

periscopeUP was hired in 2015 to assist one of the country’s largest poultry producers rank for more recipes, cooking techniques, and general poultry terms following their website relaunch. While optimizing metadata and on-page content for hundreds of recipes, we identified and addressed a large number of technical SEO issues.

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The positive results shown in the graph illustrate the importance of keeping a website healthy from a technical standpoint. A technically sound site that produces a steady stream of relevant, optimized content will enjoy a continued increases in organic sessions. Read more about periscopeUP’s efforts on this project here..


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SEO On-Page Optimization – Fine Tuning Keeps It Humming

Details matter. Are you using a keyword strategy that rewards you or places you at risk for getting penalized? Are your titles, meta-descriptions, H1 tags, and URLs all optimized they way search engines like them to be? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, we can give them to you.

Find out if you’re implementing the best methods to get your site noticed. And when people do find you, know if you have the right ingredients to keep them around for the party instead of heading for the door. Don’t forget to include effective, well-placed calls to action. Addressing these issues (and more) helps your website to be a marketing superstar.

Fixing these issues can greatly increase your search rankings.

SEO Technical Optimization – More Than Just A Pretty Face

A company’s website requires many parts working properly and in harmony to get the job done. Common errors can dilute your marketing efforts significantly. For example, are you sure your site doesn’t have two versions being indexed? This mistake alone can cut down search results by 50%. So even if your site looks great, an out-of-whack technical component can drain resources big time.

A thorough SEO technical audit can detect:

  • Mobile friendliness
  • Faulty settings/configuration
  • Crawl problems
  • 404 errors and bad links
  • Site map and architecture mistakes
  • Non-indexed pages

How Does An SEO Audit Work

Step 1) You Tell Us About Your Business

First we interview you about your overall business vision, strategies, and goals. This ensures that we have a clear understanding of your website’s marketing objectives.

Step 2) We Do A Complete Site X-Ray

Using tools like Google Analytics, Search Console (fka Webmaster Tools), and crawl simulation, we scan and scour your entire website looking for areas that might be hurting your search engine results.

Step 3) You Get A Report

Once our audit is completed, you get a full report of our findings. From here, you can take this information to your team to fix problems – or we can help you implement the best practices to increase your site’s visibility and performance.

Step 4) Get Under The Hood

After your approval only, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. For every item we detected that requires attention, we implement the highest industry standards to make your site as competitive as possible.

The following areas will be detailed in our analysis and recommendations document:

  • Google Search Console Review: On-Site Tracking, Crawl Errors, Preferred domain, Pages Indexed, HTML Improvements
  • Bing Webmaster Review
  • XML Sitemap Review: XML sitemap, Protocols, XML sitemap listed in Robots.txt
  • Redirects Review: Homepage access, always show “www”, 3xx status redirects, 404 errors
  • Blocked URL’s Review: Robots.txt, confirm important pages are not blocked, confirm unimportant pages are blocked, confirm walled/log-in/cart pages are blocked
  • Misc Review: graceful 404 Error Page, Privacy Policy, site: search, language declaration