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How Non-Profits Can Get A FREE $10,000 a Month in Pay-Per-Click Ad Spend

Attending the NTEN conference and looking for ways to increase visibility for your nonprofit organization? Google Ad Grants offers your organization the chance to secure up to $10,000 in free advertising. We can help you navigate the complicated Ad Grants application process and unlock the full potential of your advertising dollars. We will help you:  

  • Setup and correctly configure a Google AdWords campaign.
  • Navigate the complicated Google Ad Grants application process.
  • Find the best keywords to attract the attention of your prospects.  
  • Create landing pages that get donations, volunteers, and program signups.
  • Set up web analytics so you can measure results.
  • Convert visitors into donations, volunteers, leads, or brand awareness.

periscopeUP’s experienced Google Ad Grants analysts will help you correctly set up and configure your AdWords account and submit your Ad Grants application. 

Google Ad Grants Success Story 

A leading nationwide fundraising software and coaching company hired periscopeUP to set-up and manage its Google Ad Grants account and increase conversions.

During the course of our engagement, we implemented best practices with regard to campaign management. The client base for online fundraising software is diverse, and with a large pool of relevant search queries. periscopeUP reviewed tens of thousands of keywords to find those that were most effective at driving conversions.

At the time, Google Grants capped bids at $2 CPC and monthly spend at $330/day. In order to fully exploit advantageous terms, we set-up additional paid search accounts and seeded them with any terms which were unsuccessful in the Google Grants campaign due to the cost per click limitation. We monitored both the paid and Google Grants campaigns very carefully, using negative match terms in order to avoid having multiple ads served up for the same query.

The positive results shown in the graph above demonstrate how balancing Google Ad Grants campaigns with an AdWords paid search campaigns translates into gains in conversions and a reduction in cost-per-conversion. Over the course of 11 months, conversions were increased by ~136% while the client’s cost-per-conversion was reduced by ~24%. These significant results enabled the organization to attract more clients at a lower spend, thereby increasing overall profitability.

Want To Get Free $10K In PPC Advertising From Google?

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