periscopeUP: Testimonials

Just to let you know our sales this week have been fabulous and we are getting a ton of new customers which is so exciting! We are off to a great start for our 2017 season. And we want to thank you all at periscopeUP for your part in our success so far! You are such a pleasure to work with.

Ellen Morstein, Owner,

What sets periscopeUP apart for me has been their ability to learn about the special needs of my business and then translate those needs into a measurable search marketing strategy. Their focus is on getting the best results for my company; not just delivering what I ask for.

Anne Strong, Director of Marketing, History Associates

periscopeUP really knows search marketing. They are constantly testing new ads, geographically targeted keywords, and landing page content. Their automated bidding tools help us spend our budget at the time of day and day of week when our customers are looking for us. We especially appreciate the way they sit down with us every month to review all of our online data, both good and bad.

We have worked with periscopeUP for over a year now on SEO, and they have delivered above and beyond what was expected. Our site has 12 terms on page one of Google, with the most important ones being in position one or two. Our traffic has increased, our inquiries have gone up, our visibility is better, and the site is much improved. periscopeUP brings both technical and strategic expertise, and their ability to write and understand niche markets makes them an invaluable partner.

Chris Press, Marketing Manager, Flexan Corporation
periscopeUP has some of the smartest guys I know when it comes to getting the full potential out of a website. Their SEO strategies not only provide increased traffic to clients, but do so in a targeted way so SEO provides the best bang for the buck.
Ben Schmerler, Account Manager, Choice Technologies

have read the documentation on how to prepare content and how to write for the web. All VERY helpful and useful, especially the part about how to write content with SEO in mind. I have revised all the content for our new website launch. This has really helped me understand how to properly build a website that will generate more business for your yoga studios.

Chris Blades, Owner, Charm City Yoga

periscopeUP is a numbers driven marketing company. I worked closely with them to assess Trump Entertainment Resorts use of Google Analytics. Their work was outstanding, effective, and very professional. periscopeUP helps their clients improve profitability based on good numbers and analysis. I will definitely use them again.

Aleck Schleider, Vice President, Videology Group
I was very impressed by your grasp of the metrics and feel more than ever that I am in good hands with you guys and am getting a great ROI. I look forward to sending you plenty of referrals.
David Dresin, Owner, 3D Signs

periscopeUp has provided real, tangible results for Wall-to-Wall Studios and our clients. Their analysis is comprehensive, yet easy to understand, as is their recommended implementation process and path.

Pete Popivchak, Partner, Wall to Wall Studios

I was fortunate enough to attend your New Media in the New Year event at UB on Tuesday, and I’m so glad I did. The hand-off from one topic to the next was almost seamless, and I left feeling better equipped to think my way through communications and marketing projects. It was like a Justice League of communications professionals descended upon my fair city — minus the tights!

Lionel Foster, Assistant Program Manager, Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins University

5 Stars. Eric – I can honestly say, Jessica and Jacob are the best I have worked with especially on such an important project and tight timeline. I love the team you have assembled, top notch, hi-quality work and beyond professional. Thank you, proud to be a periscopeUP customer.

Francis Knott , Silent Circle