How Do I Acquire $10,000 a Month in Pay-Per-Click Ad Spend?

What is Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits is an AdWords program for non-profit organizations. Google’s online marketing tool for NPOs gives nonprofits the opportunity to use an in-kind $10,000 per month ad spend for promoting their mission, goals, and programs. This results in thousands of new visitors coming to your website each month to learn about your nonprofit.

How Does Google Ad Grants Help My Nonprofit Organization?

Use your Google Ad Grant marketing dollars to recruit new volunteers, ask for donations, present your programs to the community, or even brand awareness… letting your nonprofit name and mission be known.

Awesome! How Do I Sign Up?

Nonprofit organizations must first determine their eligibility, set up a Google AdWords account, and then lastly apply to Google for Nonprofits. Basically, proving you are a 501(c)(3) in the US is the main item and filling out quite a few forms and online documents will get you started.

While there are various help forums and online documentation to assist, we have found that even the most well-intentioned people stumble in setting up an AdWords account correctly. Additionally, they then miss the mark on many of the best practices needed to maintain a successful AdWords account on a ongoing basis. With $10,000 a month at stake, letting an experienced professional get your organization through Google’s obstacle course is the safest route.

How Long Does Is The Application Approval Process?

You should know within a week if you have been awarded a Google Ad Grant.

Ready to Sign-up for Google Ad Grants?
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Seems too good to be true. What’s in it for periscopeUP?

Non Profit Organizations typically have tight budgets, so for a limited time periscopeUP is offering to handle your Google Ad Grants application and setup your initial AdWords campaign for a fee of $950. Your fee will be refunded if your organization is not awarded a Google Ad Grant.

During the initial setup of your campaign we will discuss an ongoing agreement to manage, optimize and report on your Google AdWords campaign on an ongoing basis, but you are not obligated to engage periscopeUP beyond the application and setup phase.

periscopeUP will also help you setup a web analytics program to measure the results of your new website visitors, help you do SEO right so you are ranking when someone does a search, and create landing pages that convert to donations, recruiting of volunteers, and/or program sign-ups.