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A nationally ranked law firm wanted to gain better insights into their online marketing campaigns. Founded over a century ago, they are well-regarded and are routinely found on the AmLaw100 list, yet they lacked the hard data they needed to make timely and informed decisions about their marketing initiatives. In 2016, periscopeUP worked to audit the website’s Google Analytics configuration and implement the recommendations.

We began the engagement by working closely with the firm’s management team to better understand their data requirements and to determine which KPIs and goals were most important to measure. We find that too often clients make the mistake of measuring any available data instead of focusing on the core metrics that have an opportunity to move the needle for their business.

In Google Analytics, we used custom variables and advanced segments to parse out particular groups of visitors and implemented event and campaign tracking. To ensure that the Google Analytics set-up was useful for the future as well as the present, we designed a process for tracking future online marketing campaigns, including email marketing, search marketing and display advertising.

It was important for this law firm’s management team to be able to see the status of current marketing initiatives at a glance. This would enable them to quickly adjust campaigns and even online content in order to improve performance. To aid in this effort, we built custom dashboards to provide the firm’s partners with a one-stop overview of their marketing programs.

The positive results shown in the graph below demonstrate the importance of measuring and optimizing online initiatives. A site that adjusts landing page content and design to reduce bounce rate and increase engagement and conversions will garner impressions for key terms translating to continued increases in organic sessions.

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