Google Analytics Audit: Don’t Just Set It And Forget It

What Is A Google Analytics Audit?

Many websites have analytics installed with incorrect configuration. So key business decisions are based on faulty data. Even worse, most website owners don’t use the full potential of analytics to capture more leads and sales. We’re here to change all that.

Our Google Analytics Audit gives you an accurate and comprehensive report that identifies areas of analytics weakness or malfunction. This helps you target more precisely where to gain on traffic and conversions.

We start with an assessment of your website’s data collection accuracy. Then we advise on how to properly configure your Google Analytics account to get insight into new opportunities.

Our trained, certified Google Analytics experts do this work manually for the most thorough and accurate audit possible – all customized to fit your business’s needs.

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Is it time for a Google Analytics Audit?

Every Google Analytics implementation experiences challenges at some point:

  • You have Google Analytics on your site, but it isn’t tracking from search to sale. You can get much more out of the data.
  • If you uploaded new content, made some quick edits, or added a new shopping cart, Google Analytics must be updated.
  • New Google tracking code releases must be integrated to get the most comprehensive, accurate data.
  • Google Analytics eCommerce revenue data often doesn’t match up to your CRM or POS system (We see this all the time!)

Every time your webmaster makes changes to your website, it can affect data tracking.

  • Check Google Analytics configuration
  • Confirm latest tracking codes are installed
  • Detect broken analytics due to coding changes
  • Verify tracking data accuracy
  • Uncover opportunities in overlooked data

These issues can break or distort the data collection of your website traffic, ruining your confidence to make good business decisions.

How Does A Google Analytics Audit Work?

Step 1) Tell Us About Your Business

The first step of the process is for us to understand your business. We will send you a form with business questions and have a kickoff call to ask you more detailed information about your tracking and marketing goals.

Step 2) Audit Your Instance Of Google Analytics

Next, we audit your Google Analytics account and your website, answering questions like:

  • How is your eCommerce revenue being tracked? Is cross domain tracking necessary?
  • Is tracking code added correctly in the right location to all pages?
  • Are profiles and settings setup correctly?
  • Are filters and segments being used properly?
  • Is your account correctly linked to Adwords? And Webmaster Tools?
  • Is internal traffic coming from your company’s IP addresses being filtered out?
  • What site structure or technical issues are preventing accurate data capture?
  • Are UTM tags being used correctly to track online marketing efforts?

Step 3) Configure Google Analytics

With your approval, we make all the necessary changes to your account to ensure you are accurately capturing the data you need in the way you need it.

Step 4) Setup Reporting

We give you the tools and dashboards you need to make good marketing decisions based on reliable, actionable data. Additionally, we apply our expertise as digital marketers and identify areas of opportunity to get more leads and sales from your website.

Step 5) Provide Google Analytics Training

In this all important step, we set you off on the right foot with an explanation of the data you’re now collecting, how to use it to increase traffic, leads, and sales and how to make basic changes to your Google Analytics profile.

Is your Google Analytics properly aligned with your marketing campaign tactics?
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