This exclusive webinar originally aired in August 2014, but due to popular demand we have reposted it in its entirety. Sign up for the Digital Marketing Webinar Summit, where Dan Kaplan, CoFounder of periscopeUP, interviews 9 internet marketing experts, asking them all the same question: What can you do to get more leads and sales from your website?


In this webinar summit you will learn from industry experts how to get more leads and sales using these channels: retargeting, search engine marketing (PPC), mobile, responsive landing pages, web design, PR in the digital age, messaging, video, content marketing and the secrets these marketing veterans use each day to drive more form submits, phone calls, purchases, downloads, and other conversions.

At the end of each 20-30 minute interview, several experts will give away a free digital gift or their secrets to increasing leads and sales from a website.

Who Should Attend?

Business owners, marketing managers, and anyone interested in learning the secrets professionals use every day to get more leads and sales from a website.

Why Should I Tune In?

Because in a very short time, you will learn the hard won secrets digital marketing experts use every day to drive engagement and increase leads and sales to their websites. You will hear tips that you can apply immediately, to increase conversions on any website.

Tips like:

  • How to craft messaging that sells
  • How to design pages that increase conversions
  • How to use retargeting to draw users back to a website
  • How to build an audience
  • How to write content that converts
  • How to craft videos that engage
  • And much, much more

When Is It?

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Webinar Schedule

Join us as we as ask each of these experts how they get more leads and sales from a website:

Day 5

Speakers & Topics

Greg Abel
Greg Abel, Founder, Abel Communications
Greg Abel founded Abel Communications in 2005 after more than a dozen years of experience in public relations, corporate communications, and print and broadcast journalism. Abel Communications has grown to become one of Baltimore’s top PR firms, with 10 employees and a growing base of clients that includes top brands such as STX, CohnReznick, Medifast, and Presbyterian Senior Living.

Greg’s Webinar Topic: PR In The Digital Age

Greg discusses how to use PR to get people thinking and talking about you in a way that will drive traffic and build an awareness of your business before they ever reach your website. He explains ways to get press coverage and use influencers to distribute it.

Ken Zinser, Interactive Designer, PCI

Ken Zinser is an Interactive Designer for PCI creating thoughtful and engaging web experiences for businesses and organizations to better serve their audience. In 2012 Ken graduated from the Corcoran College of Art + Design with a BFA in graphic design. He is a member of AIGA, the professional association of design.

Ken’s Webinar Topic: Design That Promotes Action

In our webinar, Ken discusses ways to use the design elements of typography, color, icons, and page structure in ways that will compel users to take action.

Rob MacDonald
Rob MacDonald, President, Thought Leaders Marketing

A creative revenue generator, communications strategist and writer with 16+ years of experience in attracting and cultivating leads online, Rob specializes in getting to the heart of the story. He is president of Thought Leaders Marketing, past president of the American Marketing Association, Baltimore, and an award-winning columnist whose work regularly appears in the Baltimore Business Journal.

Rob’s Webinar Topic: The Content of Your Character – How to Drive Online Leads by Telling Your Story

Chris Beutler
Christopher Beutler, Chief Vision Officer, Renegade Communications
Chris’ background is founded on a diverse experience that fuses advertising, filmmaking, literature, and business-building strategies. To him it’s all about storytelling. He leads the creative teams to build solutions that infuse powerful creative with breakout strategy. The end result is a surprising slant on all things, which makes the work smarter and the process big fun.

Chris’ Webinar Topic: Using Video To Increase Visits and Conversions

In his discussion, Chris discusses how he uses video to increase engagement, visits and conversions. Learn the tips of an industry expert who has been making and promoting videos for years.

Jeffrey Spokes, Owner, The Spokes Agency

Jeff Spokes is the founder of The Spokes Agency. He has over 19 years of Sales and Marketing experience working to help small and medium-size businesses achieve their goals. In 2006 he founded The Spokes Agency, whose mission is to “Help small and medium-size businesses Find, Get and Keep customers with a structured Marketing Approach and Effective Media and Online Presence”. Since then The Spokes Agency has helped dozens of companies utilize media effectively, create and enhance their web presence and grow.

Jeff’s Webinar Topic: How to Utilize Conversion Pages With Responsive Design to Drive More Conversions

In our webinar, Jeff discusses responsive design and gives his best practices for using responsive pages to encourage users to click, call, or buy, no matter the device or screen size. His free gift at the end of the interview looks forward to trends he sees in mobile marketing for 2015.

Justin Musterman, CEO, Media Glu

Justin has spent nearly a decade in the advertising technology space. Currently, Justin is the CEO of mediaglu, the cross device map that powers media planning, targeting, and attribution for the digital ecosystem. Previously, Justin held roles at, Videology Group, and Healthstream Research focusing on marketing analytics, SEM, retargeting, and demand side platforms.

Justin’s Webinar Topic: Retargeting – How To Close The Digital Loop

Eric Kronthal, Co-Founder, periscopeUp

Eric is an experienced online marketer proficient in building custom solutions to meet online advertising and marketing objectives. As one of the early employees at, Eric is credited with the launch of several industry leading online advertising solutions including Behavioral Targeting, Interactive Television advertising, and several self-service applications.

Eric’s Webinar Topic: How To Utilize Google AdWords Ad Extensions to Improve PPC Campaign Performance

Eric shares how he uses “ad extensions” in his Search Engine Marketing (PPC) campaigns to better target paid ads, decrease ad budgets, and increase conversions.

Alex Harris
Alex Harris, President, Alex Designs

Since 2004, Alex Harris has focused on improving conversion rates, landing page optimization and ecommerce. A/B testing and digital marketing to maximize ROI is his speciality. He is the host of a top rated podcast titled Marketing Optimization that is growing week after week.

Alex’s Webinar Topic: Improve Leads, Maximize Your Conversions & Build Your Audience

Alex discusses how he built a following of 6,800 on Twitter and gets over 1,000 podcast downloads a day. Among other valuable tips, he explains his technique of taking one piece of content and repurposing it for multiple channels, targeting the habits and preferences of the users of each channel.

Deborah Gallant, Founder, Bold Business Works

Deborah was an early Internet pioneer and has a solid grounding in media and consumer marketing in broadcast, advertising, marketing and sales. She is a nationally-known speaker, teacher and workshop leader, and has been called “Carol Burnett with an MBA”. In 2002, Deborah founded Bold Business Works, to coach small business owners and help them get unstuck and grow.

Deborah’s Webinar Topic: Does Your Website Resonate With Your Ideal Customer?

In her webinar interview, Deborah discusses how to adjust a website’s form and functionality so that it resonates with your ideal customer.

About Dan Kaplan, The Webinar Host

Since the days of Netscape, Dan has built and promoted hundreds of websites. After 18 years in the industry, he brings to our clients vision, strategy, and a deep understanding of Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Optimization, Analytics, writing for the web, and Web 2.0 technologies such as blogging and social media. In his spare time, Dan is an avid triathlete and enjoys traveling with his wife and 3 kids.

Dan’s Webinar Topic: Use Google Analytics To Make Marketing Decisions That Increase Leads & Sales

In this webinar session, the tables are turned, as our webinar host Dan Kaplan gets interviewed by his business partner Eric Kronthal. They discuss how to properly configure Google Analytics, give important tips about what to look in your website data to make good marketing decision — including how to determine which channels provide the best ROI, which pages provide the most conversions, and which channels are really contributing to growing your business.

Bonus Webinar Video: Top Ten Mistakes That Business Owners Make With Their Websites (And What To Do About Them)

After 15 years building websites and 5 years running periscopeUP, Dan has seen it all. In this webinar, he discusses the top ten mistakes that business owners make with their websites and what to do about them.